r u r a l r e c r e a t i o n is a collaborative and fluid group of creatives in many disciplines, from contemporary art to science, from conceptual artists to engineers, from potters to urban planners, putting forward new social and aesthetic visions of the rural. We explore what the rural means, and therefore what the city is, and where both bleed, the suburbs and subrurs. We’re particularly interested in expanding the borders of accessibility, environmentalism & inclusivity and do so through research, strategic & policy work, working on large scale multi-year projects and small interventions & performances alike, with and without authorities, communities and agencies.

We welcome new ideas.

“Take then, smooth Path, this tribute of my love, Thou emblem pure of legal liberty!” William Mason, Sonnet XII, to a Gravel Walk

Dr Alex Murdin, the director of ruralrecreation, is a conceptual artist and curator interested in public space, landscape and political aesthetics. He trained at Leicester College, Northumbria University and Dartington College of Art. Commissioners have included the Met Office, the NHS, University of Exeter, University of Falmouth, local government across the UK and community groups. He is a former Arts Council England Assessor, adviser for ALIAS, Chair of Bside Festival and Director of the Devon Guild. He is currently an Associate of Ginkgo Projects and Curator of The Whitegold Project.

Contact alex at murdin dot com

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