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  1. last message sent before i had finished !!

    Dear All,

    I wondered whether you could help me with some information for a presentation i am putting together for my post graduate students.

    I completed a few years ago two art installations: Private Views Made Public (which was a time-lapse artwork about hillforts) and Rural Voices ( film portraits of Rural (farm) women). Both works were completed in 2013.


    I would like to include in my presentation some other artists works, who have made art about hillforts or/and rural women. Unfortunately, I am struggling to find any contemporary links and hoping this forum might know of some interesting work that I could include?

    All can find are photographs and paintings of Maiden Castle, Dorset, by Paul Nash. Any other suggestions would be brilliant.

    kind regards

    1. Hi Patricia

      Hope all is well with you.

      Just a couple of thoughts off the top of my head. Hillforts – as you say there are plenty of Maiden Castle here is one by Sasha Ward Rural women – the main one I can think of Aune Head Arts – Women in Farming –

      It might be worth asking Judith or Iain

      All best
      PS post back anything you find !

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