Insect Breeding Institute (2019-ongoing)

School of Insects @ Trumpington Park, Cambridge
The Insect Breeding Institute (IBI) is being established to explore a new insect aesthetics. The Insect Breeding Institute is being created on the same site as the Planting Breeding Institute which was in existence from 1912-1987, established to apply Mendelian laws of inheritance to crops of economic importance under the Directorship of Sir Roland Biffen. The IBI comes as insect populations reach a critical point.

The UK’s first Insect Breeding Institute School – Trumpington Park aims to engage Cambridge communities with insects, and engage insects with them, experiment with new ways of empathising with insects through aesthetic research and co-design with and for insects.

Our foundation programme will consist of a Foundation course in insect aesthetics with Prof John Drever (acoustics ecology – Goldsmiths), Klara Ravat (olfactory arts), Lorelei Lodestar (composting, breeding), Matt Hayes (insect ecology & conservation, University of Cambridge), Dr Alex Murdin (insect infrastructure, taste and politics), Tess Tallula (visual arts, costume), Charlotte Milbank (epidemiologist & food security, University of Cambridge).

The project has been commissioned by Commissions Projects on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridgeshire Primary Education Trust.