Outlier (2021)

Off-shore, out-country, Dartmoor’s granite, Dorset’s chalk – isolated stone in conversation with water. Outliers are abnormal data points away from the normal range, markers bringing us into their, and our, lithic life.

“Aristotle also says that there are many different kinds of magnets; for some attract gold, and others, different from these, attract silver, and some tin, and some iron, and some lead… and some attract human flesh: and it is said that a man attracted by such a magnet laughs, and remains where he is until he dies, if the stone is very large.” (Albertus Magnus, Book of Minerals, 13th C)

Digital drawings by Alex Murdin of entanglements with the pinnacles of the West Country – on show for the first time in this short open studio exhibition .

27th Nov to 5th Dec 21 / 11:00 to 18:00

Rowans Rew Rd, Ashburton, Devon TQ13 7EJ (What Three Words: etchings.ducks.indoors)