A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes

Children's Insect Recipes

One of the most unique results of the work of the Insect Breeding Institute is A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes, written and conceived by Charlotte Milbank, who worked with artist Tess Tallula to create a stunning book which was given to every child at Trumpington Park School. A lucky few even got to make their own Buzzy Biscuits !

Eating more insects is one way of providing the protein and vitamins we need without the same impact on the environment and climate as other meat products like beef, sheep and poultry. Insects are a traditional part of many cultures diets so perhaps we need to encourage more people to enjoy these tasty treats. World class chefs like those at Nordic Food Lab are making Anty Gin, Bug Bao and Chocolate Cochineal.

We hope this book aimed at children, and their parents and carers, will inspire the chefs of the future to innovate with insects as a food, and in doing so conserve and look after them all.

So would you like to try Buggy Brownies, Fly-Lafel or Forage Porridge ? Then dive right in and download A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes now.

A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes, 2021. Written by Charlotte Millbank, illustrated by Tess Tallula, edited by Alex Murdin, with the children and teachers of Trumpington Park Primary School. Published by the Insect Breeding Institute / ruralrecreation. Commissioned by Cambridge Primary Education Trust & Cambridgeshire County Council, supported by Commission Projects.

A Children’s Anthology of Insect Recipes is distributed under the Creative Commons Licence Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) Copyright remains with the creators.

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Insects, artists, scientists and children in the School of Insects show a small selection of current collaborative art/science projects about how we can engage with insects, as their population collapses globally.

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