Procession, Intention, Invention, Convention



In a week where municipal Nativity scenes have been banned in some towns in France as inappropriate to the secular sites of government it’s worth taking a look at the current Exeter Phoenix show by Ryan Curtis, Procession, an interesting commentary on the decline or absence of symbolic or spiritual forms of expression in modern cities. This is a point which remains highly relevant as debates continue about the role of multiculturalism in a society which is currently focussed on addressing the roots of the faith-based campaigns taking place in the Middle East. Procession shows Cutis dragging a cardboard obelisk (based on one he found as part of a set of railings) around Exeter, a pilgrimage of the everyday past car showrooms and riverside bars. Curtis here is also shown alongside the work of another young artist based in a studio of the Phoenix, Nick Davies, another excellent show, Intention, Invention, Convention, with many areas of overlapping thematic concern with the work shown by Curtis, as Davies recounts another (futile) journey across Devon’s meridian in order to create a new unit of length, the “Exetre”. On till Jan 10th – must see.


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