House Tat

Introducing our new service for house owners and occupiers: house tattoos. You love your own tats so now is the time to get your home inked.

With our eco-active house tattoos you’ll not only be able to have your own design, maybe a copy of your own, but also do some good for the creatures of the night (or day) – the bats, birds or bees.

We can laser etch the design of your choice onto one of our creature features. Made with tannilised wood and quality slate roof, it will last nearly as long as yours. Shown below is a bat box in the international Maori style to give you an idea of what can be done.

House tat - Maori

House tat – Maori

Whatever it is, skin art or tramp stamp, get in touch with us today with your design ideas for a free quote, prices from £80 (excluding postage and packaging) – Contact us

EU customers: please note that, due to the European conservation and planning law which protects all species of bats, these house tattoos are effectively permanent and can only be removed from the habitation with planning permission from local authorities and a licence granted by European Union authorities. Occupiers should seek permission from a responsible landlord before getting one done. Not for sale to minors. Legislation in other countries may vary. Please tattoo responsibly.

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