On these pages you’ll find texts, links, information and tools gathered during our research and development programmes.

N3: Network, Neighbourhood, Nature (2011-13)

Parasite consultation process

Parasite consultation process

This project was a wide partnership lead by the Dorset Design and Heritage Forum and the Dorset Wildlife Trust which explored the role of art and design in stimulating a greater sense of local ownership of Dorset’s built and natural environment; supporting neighbourhood activism to improve public places and spaces for the benefit of all and demonstrating the value of cross-sector collaboration – public, private and civic sectors – for art in public space projects. Artists/architects commissioned included We Made That, Something and Son and Parasite.

Wide Open Space (2008-11)

Visualisation of seed bombing by The People Speak

Visualisation of seed bombing by The People Speak

Wide Open Space was the first initiative of the Dorset Design and Heritage Forum, curated by Alex Murdin which aims to develop a programme of strategic public art projects at the forefront of a new rural cultural agenda. Artists involved include Michael Pinsky, London Fieldworks, Anna Best, Simon Pirie  and ZMMA architects.


Information and advice

Case studies


Reflection on practice is the only way to move forward – as Gilles Deleuze said:

“Practice is a set of relays from one theoretical point to another, and theory is a relay from one practice to another. No theory can develop without eventually encountering a wall, and practice is necessary for piercing this wall.”

Find out more on these pages about some of the theory relating to ruralrecreation’s concerns with the rural, environment, politics and aesthetics.

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