Road for the future

Energy Café poster

Energy Café poster

Partners: Sustrans and The Dorset Wildlife Trust

Curator: Anna Best

Wide Open space has funded lead artist and curator Anna Best to research the feasibility of a programme of commissions to engage local people in the creation of new common spaces along a trailway currently in development by Sustrans. The route will use a shared use path along the route of the former Maiden Newton-Bridport railway which would provide a traffic-free route for commuters and school children in an area with limited public transport. Temporary projects by internationally-known artists have been staged to engage local people with the development process, raise awareness (and funds) and get local landowners on board.

The project has represented a new direction for local artist Anna Best who has worked in a curatorial role on this project. So far projects have been commissioned from Phil Minton’s Feral Choir and Pilot Publishing’s Energy Cafe. Both events were well attended and reported on positively in the media.

Watch a short excert of the Feral Choir performing and hear Peter Henshaw, project manager from Sustrans, on how these art projects have benefited the development of the trailway.

For full video of Feral Choir  at Maiden Newton –

For full video of Energy Cafe at Powerstock –

Other work has been done by Anna with organisational collaborators, including Powerstock Primary School, the Architecture Association and the Dorset Wildlife Trust. Three further artists have been selected to develop proposals for the site, Adam Chodzko, Judith Dean and Anna Lucas, all internationally known contemporary practitioners.

Project website:

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