Cranbrook in Common (2016-26)

Ruralrecreation with Ginkgo Projects and consultant Mary Schwarz have helped the people of Cranbrook and East Devon District Council put together a cultural development strategy for the new town of Cranbrook, Devon, which will grow to a population of around 20,000 in the next 10 years. Planning for culture in Cranbrook has been about improving quality of life for residents and nurturing local talent for the future. Most importantly culture is what people share together, which is why this strategy is called Cranbrook in Common.

“Building from the community to develop a distinctive Cranbrook identity, creating the town’s own traditions.”

Drawing on the expertise of a wide range of stakeholders concerned with Cranbrook, a new model for culture emerges which starts with PEOPLE and builds through SKILLS and ACTIVITY to create a cultural INFRASTRUCTURE that will be relevant and flexible in years to come.

Commissioned and funded by East Devon District Council. With Ginkgo Projects and Mary Schwarz. Artists commissioned Blind Ditch.