Submergency (2012)

‘Pop-up lido’ for wild swimmers, 17/06/12

The launch of a new automatic and portable lifeguard’s chair for use by rivers and seas. Made of steel and aluminium the chair marks a turning point in self-surveillance and safety equipment for those that love their outdoors wet. The chair narrowcasts to pool side loungers through a localised FM transmitter installed on its back. About seventy people came to take part, setting up chairs and towels around the ‘pool’, swimming, picnicking and listening to helpful information on swimming techniques, flood prevention and even the spiralling trill of the Bearded Seal to people on the radio. The underwater sounds connect the remote and mysterious Crazywell Pool to the sea miles away at Plymouth (legends have it that the waters of the pool rise and fall with the tides).

Public performance and installation, audio narrowcast and limited edition instruction manual by Loophole Supplement

Produced by ruralrecreation with Nick Davies. Also installed at Dartington Hall for the Home and the World Summit June 2012